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The center has many programs that enhance your child abilities and skills. The center also has physical sports that strengthen the kid's body and brain.As well as, exciting adventures, trips and activities. All the services included preparing children for elementary school and daily life.

Teaching Languages For kids

Teaching Languages

Our Educational center for children teaches Language classes in fun and enjoyable way. Fun square offer different Language classes such as English, French, and Chinese. 

Physical Activities for kids

Physical Activities

Kids always need different types of physical activities and different types of sport. In Fun Square center we make sure to have a variety of entertainment programs for kids. Make sure to read more about the Seasonal activities for kids in Fun Square.

Mental Calculation for kids

Mental Calculation 

Mental mathematics aims to make the child perform mathematical operations in very quickly period rather than traditional methods. We have a variety of teaching methods at the center, such as Mental competitions and Interactive games. 

Summer Camps for kids

Summer Camps

Make sure to join Fun square Summer camps in jeddah, that have many activities aimed to teach the kids life skills. The center provide the kids with the suitable healthy environment camping. Don’t let your child miss the adventure!

Entertainments for kids


Fun Square daycare center offers a broad variety of entertainment programs that will enhance the child's skills and abilities. Now we have morning and evening shifts, make sure to choose the time that suits you and your child.

Remedial Teaching

Now You Can register your kid in Fun square remedial teaching program. The program is designed to meet the needs of children in order to help them make progress in school. The center will help the child to get developed on the school Curriculum. 

Remedial Teaching for kids
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