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About Us

Who we are:
Fun square is a daycare center that develops the thinking and creativity of the child.
Play - Learn - Fun 


Fun Square daycare Values

Skills of working in a group.
Increase self-confidence.
Take into consideration the differences.
Learn the skill of analysis and interpretation.
Expanding the capacity of imagination and  the ability to renew.
Developing the skills in an interactive way through simulations

Chocolate & Mixed Nuts

why you choose Fun Square 

Fun square Kids daycare center's uniqueness is that all our staff is specialized in dealing with children and each of them possesses a certificate of their specialty. In addition, Fun square daycare center staff are training employees with different skills, we excel in containing the child, and special discounts for siblings and relatives. Also, we have special offer daycare for disabled kids and take care of the child psychologically and morally. Fun square made two shifts evening and morning to suit your kid's time. 

Our Mission 


Our Children's daycare center Mission is to contribute to the formation of a generation that loves education and looking forward to innovation.

Our Accreditation: 


fun square kids daycare center is accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Our staff are experienced and qualified in dealing with kids. Most of our teaching staff have come to us after years of teaching. Take a look at our teaching staff.

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