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kids daycare center welcoming

Welcome to fun square Center, the place that includes many entertainment programs, physical activities and teaching children in enjoyable way.  The center is keen to provide a suitable environment for children and developing kid's learning. 

We are happy to have you with us 

Kid's in class room


Physical Activities 

Kids always need different types of physical activities and different types of sport. In Fun Square center we make sure to have a variety of entertainment programs for kids. Make sure to read more about the Seasonal activities for kids in Fun Square.


Funsqaure daycare center offers a broad variety of entertainment programs that will enhance the child's skills and abilities. Now we have morning and evening shifts, make sure to choose the time that suits you and your child.

Remedial Teaching 

Now You Can register your kid in Fun square remedial teaching program. The program is designed to meet the needs of children in order to help them make progress in school. The center will help the child to get developed on the school Curriculum.

Parents Tips 

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"I really thank the school for its director and teachers".

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Mrs.Sara Abdulaziz

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